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Let's Talk About Values!

Value Balancing Alliance

Companies are driven by shareholder value and profit maximization. Is there a way to use corporate numbers to create a positive impact that goes beyond increasing shareholder value? What can global players do to balance social and ecological value with their current business models? We'll be discussing these and many other questions in our "Let's Talk About Values!" podcast. In every episode we'll have different guests that bring in their perspectives on how the corporate world can take a proactive role in driving positive change and how the evaluation of business can be tweaked to accelerate these efforts, while adding to the companies' competitive edge. If you want to find out more about the Value Balancing Alliance and its members, we warmly invite you to check out our website: www.value-balancing.com. Throughout the year, we will also be broadcasting live Sustainability Talks, in which you can engage directly with the Value Balancing Alliance. Click the events tab on our website to find out more.About the Value Balancing Alliance: The Value Balancing Alliance e.V. is an alliance of multinational companies with the common goal to develop a standardized methodology to ensure greater sustainability and transparency in business. The Alliance translates environmental and social impacts into comparable financial data, and the member companies test the methodology to ensure feasibility, robustness, and relevance.